Does IBM CEO Rometty Understand Cloud?

Arne Alsin

CEO Ginni Rometty of IBM (IBMhas written three letters to shareholders. Her initial letter to shareholders in 2011 was relatively brief and included this mention of the cloud:

"IBM has helped thousands of clients adopt aspects of cloud computing."

The 2012 annual letter began just like the year before, with lots of talk of earnings and returning capital to shareholders. Cloud referenced on page five:

"Today, another new wave is sweeping in - powered by Big Data, analytics, mobile, social and cloud."

That was the only mention in the 2012 letter; from there Rometty launched into a discussion about...


Ethics Issues At IBM: Will It Hurt Earnings?

Arne Alsin

Robert Cringely wrote a series of columns in 2012 in which he predicted IBM's (IBM) ultimate demise because the company was "rotten to the core." To increase profits, he said top management had made the conscious decision to "cheat" customers in the form of a cut back in service. His columns generated massive page views and thousands of comments from readers, many of whom claimed to be...